Personal tax and tax planning

Pay the right amount, but not a penny more

We know the completion of your personal tax return is important.

It’s also a statutory obligation for many directors, self-employed individuals and property landlords.

Of course, the truth is: most accountants are able to assist you in this task…

But we understand everyone is different and we always take the time to understand your specific situation in detail.

That way we can tailor our service to suit you.

Pay the right amount of tax

Structure your affairs in the most tax efficient way possible

We’ll always make sure you’re able to maximise the tax planning opportunities and reliefs available within the legal tax framework.

We know you work hard for your money and this is why we work hard to ensure you pay the right amount of tax, but not a penny more than you need to.

When you sit down with us, we’ll undertake a complete tax review. Once we are fully aware of your position, we will help make sure your return is accurate.

We have extensive experience in helping clients of all shapes and sizes structure their affairs in the most tax efficient way possible and can assist with developing plans and strategies in all the following areas:

  • Personal and business taxes
  • VAT
  • Capital Gains
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Profit extraction
  • Tax efficient director and employee reward and remuneration
  • Exit and retirement tax

Extensive knowledge tax planning

We will always work in your best interests

Many of our new clients are surprised at just what can be done to aid their tax position and we use our extensive knowledge in the tax planning field to make legitimate use of the current Tax Legislation and Case Law.

Of course, we will never offer dubious ‘tax schemes’ that promise you will pay no tax at all. Though some accountants might suggest these, we believe they could put you at additional risk from a full HMRC enquiry, and in some extreme cases prosecution through the courts.

Instead, we will always work in your best interests to make sure you pay the right amount of tax you need to and not a penny more.

To discuss your personal tax returns in confidence, you can contact us here or call us direct on 01472 287387.